Craft Room Dreaming

I'm moving into the bottom floor of the house.

The bottom floor only occupies the foyer, garage, and a large room. This large room has been occupied for the last few years with my partner's boxes of random items from his previous life from an inner city apartment.

I've been okay up until last year with occupying the smallest room of the house for both my craft space and computer area but I just can't go on. I'm restricted from getting shelving so vertical isn't an option.

I have a floor plan and have located the necessary furniture to outfit the space to my needs so things appear to be coming together nicely.

Rather jealous of all the cheap Ikea Expedit shelves and other clean, white, modern furniture and storage options that Americans in the states seem to find and buy without worry. I'm finding it difficult in New Zealand to find affordable furniture. Don't get me started on export versus imports!

Despite this I have been finding alternatives at reasonable prices that don't sting the wallet too badly, but still an issue that I have to save up to afford them even on a modest income.

I'd like a well stocked space, but not cluttered.  That in itself is challenging but should be overcome by thinking and planning storage in advance.

I've gotten three bookshelves into the space, 2 being an "open type" ladder bookshelf that should hold my printer and other office "equipment" nicely with trailing cables tucked away with cable keepers I have already.

I can't wait to get into the space and start right away, but I'm still waiting on partner to clear out some of his stuff that's taking up valuable room.  And so I wait.

And while I wait, I watch videos.

Super cute and using the new 2012 line from Hero Arts!

Nichole Parker

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