Everyday I'm Shelvin'

Got some AWESOME shelving this weekend!  Can't wait to have them up in my space (when it gets cleaned out)!

Here's the shelves I have so far:

Ladder Shelf in White

Because we don't get Ikea brand furniture for a reasonable price, and the furniture in NZ (even flat pack MDF, mass manufactured in China Furniture) is can be rather expensive.  I've had to piece these items together into the room from sales over the last few months.

I got a great deal in the Ladder Bookshelves first.  They were both $59 each at Warehouse Stationery Petone on sale from normally $150.  The store in town does not have furniture reliably, forcing people to drive out to the larger store in Petone.  Wellington store tends to only get a few pieces in and sell out very quickly.

Next, I really wanted something like the Ikea Expedit shelving I mentioned earlier, but I wasn't able to find anything affordable on this side of the hemisphere.  Ikea pieces tend to be expensive when imported here (400+ for simple items like a drawer unit) so I had "shelved" my shelving idea.  It made me sad.

H&O Cubby Shelf

I wanted and wanted, surfing Trademe and other deal sites to see if I could find one.  Some importers have the Expedit shelves on Trademe, but were too far out of my price range to afford one easily, not to mention freight down from the Auckland region.  However, I found this one from Warehouse Stationery again, but it was $275 and a little out of my reach until this week - when they went on sale.  I also got a 5% discount for picking it up on time and in crappy weather!  Thank you Warehouse Stationery Petone! <3

I can't wait to get these assembled and moving my stuff into them as soon as the room is clean and clear!  Now I'm still waiting on the partner to get his stuff sorted.  Hopefully soon!

I've got a room plan drawn up and will have to revise it since I've found the shelving I wanted at an excellent price to boot!  Need to take measurements, and get them drawn up to scale, inputted into AutoCAD ... my architectural drafting side showing there.

Next up is a table that 3 or 4 people can fit around and craft!  Maybe I should teach classes?! I have no idea and I'm excited for the future of my craftspace!

Nichole Parker

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