Birthday Card 1980 Banners w/Washi Tape

Another Happy Birthday card!  It's my goal to build my stash again, and I'll need to work on more cards.

Promising myself for the month of May, that I'll do 1 card a day each week.  Just 1 card, however simple or complex.  I should be able to devote enough time each day in the evening for at least 1 card.  A very artistic friend of mine once said, "If you can't devote at least 10 minutes a day to something you love, why are you here?" and I'm trying to live this motto every day.

To achieve this goal, I hope that sketches will help me be more organised, so that when I attempt to actually complete the card that I will know what materials from beginning to end.  Sketching is key to organisation, planning the layout and materials and knowing what I have on hand before I begin.

Last week I blogged about cataloging all my items with ScrappyPedia and am nearly finished.  I'll have an always-on and ready list of my supplies wherever I go, and can sketch from anywhere as long as I have a 3G connection to connect to ScrapStash.

Here's a feature card for today using Washi Tape!   These tapes are from Typo, and feature incredibly cute patterns.  I decided beforehand on a sketch and stuck to it (literally) with Washi Tapes.

Happy Birthday Washi Tape Card
Birthday Card 1980 Banners w/Washi Tape

White Cardstock
We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper Corner Rounder 1/2"
Typo Washi Tapes
Grant Archival Ink in Brights
Rosie's Studio Happy Birthday Stamp Set
Uniball Angelic Colour Gel Pen in Green

Washi tapes were adhered to a post-it note (non-sticky side) and then cut to banner style shape. Adhering it to a piece of paper let me cut it acurately and without sticking to my fingers (as the fist unlucky piece of tape did).

Following on from my last class I decided on a minimalist layout, but used rule of thirds to draw the eye around in a left, right, down pattern, attracted by the orange contrasting the teal.

Incredibly clean and simple card in both layout and colour scheme but I think it's cute.

Thanks for stopping by!

Nichole Parker


  1. It look amazing! It's funny how that tiny line at the bottom adds so much! Great job :)

  2. Thanks! I think this line is missing from my next card...
    Which is probably why it doesn't look too good.
    The visual balance is very important when it's a clean and simple card.

  3. I love the color combo on your card!
    Very striking!

  4. Thanks! I must be really getting into teal as most of my washi is teal! lol

  5. Great used of the washi tape-- i love this

  6. Oh I love this!! Great job! :)

  7. Oh I love this!!! Great job! :)

  8. This is a great card.
    Great use of the washi tape. i think I need to get me some of them ;)
    Oh ya I do have a couple of blankets on my couch to cuddle under when I blog surf :)

  9. Careful! It's a curse and will compel you to collect Washi tape, even painter's masking tape in the hopes of having a new colour of tape to add to your growing collection. :D