Tim Holtz Distress Markers

Tim Holtz released at Winter Craft and Hobby Association (CHA 2012) his latest creation, Distress Markers.  I can't wait!  I want them now.

I've been looking at a few online retailers to obtain these markers and haven't found one yet locally in New Zealand, so it looks like I'll be ordering from overseas.  A few of them are offering them as pre-sale items and will be shipping them later this month, or even early  next month.

I want to buy the whole set all at once, but am having a bit of money separation anxiety.  I often have this anxiety for a purchase that is over $150 NZD and will be shipping from overseas.  My experience with Customs have not been entirely pleasant, having some items delayed as to the nature of their use and true costs.  Once Customs detained a package with scrapbooking supplies destined for my personal use.  They held the package because they were concerned this item could be sold on!  This did not make me a happy camper, and the ransom for my scrapbooking supplies was high, and INCLUDED the postage I paid on it.  Furious.

Shipping items from overseas is always a gamble when it's an item of a high dollar value.

Back to the markers! Here's a demonstration of these covet-able markers:

And another! Someone actually has their hands on them:

I'm very impressed with the above reviewer, as they have thoroughly markers!  Even demonstrating a new technique by mixing them with distress stains for a cool gradient effect.  Tim Holtz's Distress Markers look to be a quality item that I could look forward to adding to my collection and using.

I'm really excited about the Picket Fence marker with its opaqueness, and look forward to using it for stamping.  Opaque white has always been a problem for me personally, as white Stazon is only a last resort.  I'd rather use acryllic paint and a brayer over the Stazon ink, because Stazon claner destroys cling mount stamps and foam cling as well.  Destroying my equipment is not an ideal situation.

If anyone has used these markers, please let me know what you think of them.

UPDATE 1/5/2012 - A scrapbooking supplier has them in stock and they have gone on sale.  According to the mixed reviews watercolor markers are a hit and miss.  Will read more into these and decide if they're a sound purchase.

I can't wait!

Nichole Parker


  1. Great videos! Ive been wanting to see those distress markers in action!

  2. I agree! I also like how he goes on to use them for art application - not necessarily just crafting.