Washi Tape Storage on Pants Hangars!

Today I received a couple of boxes in the mail! It seems like every other day I'm doing a haul list! I'm really bad, and it's getting worse.

I purchased a four tier trouser hanger months ago to store my ribbon. It's served dutifully for several months and keeps my ribbon storage nice and neat. But I ran out of room on my ribbon storage for any Washi tape. I'm rather particular about keeping collections together, so I kept my Washi tape in a drawer after it threatened to take over the ribbon storage.

And voila! I purchased another hanger to act as storage for my Washi. Yes - more Washi Storage ideas. Though this one isn't new and has been seen a few times around on the net, including the storage idea using an empty box of Glad Press'n'Seal, which has a core roll.  That idea was functional, but I just didn't have the cabinet/counter space for it in my tiny craft room.

Storage has to go vertical in tiny craft rooms, so I went up!  This trouser hanger has arms that fold out to allow you to hang pants on - but used it for washi tape storage instead.  It's hanging from a doubled over piece of twine, near the screw/posts for the curtain railing (the strongest part of the curtain rod)  This isn't a long term storage area, but suits for my small space which I should be moving out of soon if all goes well.

This storage mimics my ribbon storage, and keeps my Washi tape out in the open instead of trapped in a container. I'm a rather visual person and if I see something more, then I tend to use it more.

The red and white items dangling from the bottom of the hanger are MT Masking Tape brands' tape cutters. The tape can be loanded into the magnetic holder which snaps together.  It easily cuts the tape nicely with the neat cutter marks at its end. I tend to tear mine - but as these were $2 ea at the Borders "going out of business" sale - I thought I'd grab them while I could.

I wish I could do anything and everything with Washi!  I'll end up taking a few rolls to work and decorating some folders or notebooks - so I can easily tell them apart.  Perhaps I should start labelling everything around the house by hand using washi tape for a burst of personality.

Are you obsessed with Washi as much as I am?  Link me to your pics of washi tape or your washi tape storage ideas!


Nichole Parker


  1. no pics of the washi tape collection. the live in a gallon jar atm... its a pretty jar at least. your hanger is a GREAT idea!

  2. Wow, lots of washi! Great storage idea.

  3. Nice idea! I used your pic in my blog, hope you dont mind, i did add ur link though :)

    1. Sure! I can't see it though.
      Can you link me to the post?

  4. I love your washi tape hanger idea and your collection of washi tapes.
    And I cant believe you got those tape holder for $2. What a bargain!
    I am running a store on washi tape products and has a blog on DIY ideas.
    Please have a look for DIY inspirations.