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Copic Marker 72pc A Set

After buying the Distress Markers I was wanting Copic markers. A few reviews online that I saw used Copic markers in conjuction with the Distress Markers. I've been wanting a set of Copic Markers for quite some time.

How long have I been wanting Copic markers? For nearly 10 years!  Well, before I started crafting I've been a novice illustrationist, and often a colorist for people who draw manga/anime style characters. I've been wanting Copic markers so long and never purchased them. I've always gone for Copic knockoffs, or just illustration markers in general that do not have the Copic name behind them.  I've tried Tombow Markers, Prismacolor Markers, Neopiko, even the Distress Markers.

I've been debating it, and then what do I find? Two Peas In a Bucket had their papercrafting Copic Marker sets for 50% off. I couldn't believe my eyes!  I did a double take, and then searched to see if I could compare the price - and couldn't.

A whole 50% off. I've never in my life, of 10 years wanting these sets seen a price lower.  This 72pc marker set retails for well over my budget locally and I could scoop it up for a mere blip of USD. I was absolutely flabberghasted. I debated for a day after I saw it at that price. Talked to my partner, talked to family members, generally anyone who would listen to me gripe and complain about the price locally versus the price abroad. Their heard my rants about a "greener" illustration marker that allows you to not only replace tips and nibs, but also refill the marker's ink well.

Copic Marker 72pc A Set Side View
They heard my complaints about acetone markers being more harmful to the environment than alcohol based markers, and they stood by me while I flip flopped on whether or not that I'm going to spend the money and bite the Copic marker bullet. Which I did finally at the end of Day 2 - and thankfully still 50% off!

I'm trying to patiently await the arrival of these markers as they make their perilous journey across the waters and into my hands.

I have cards to post soon, but I'm waiting for a full day off to finish up some final touches and make photos. My crafting room has been rather lonely as I've been completely burnt at the end of a long day of work. I had a day off sick - and boy was I sick, so no crafting was done that day.

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker


  1. So happy you gave in as your gonna love them... I enjoy mixing them with my distress and Pro Markers... Hugs and I hope they get there sooner then later.

    1. Thanks! I've had Prismacolor Markers before but alcohol markers blend differently than acetone.

      Looking forward to crafting with them, as well as growing my collection over time.

  2. Fun! I don't know a lot about using Copics, but that sounds like an amazing deal! :)
    Now if only the Silhoutte Cameo would go on sale for 50% off :)

  3. You will have a blast with these markers!! I hope they get there soon so you can play.

    1. Thanks! I really hope they arrive soon and without hassles from Customs :)