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American Crafts Neapolitan 6x6 Paper pad
American Crafts Neapolitan 6x6 Paper pad
It's been busy at work and I haven't had much time to devote to crafting lately, but hauls have been trickling in day by day.  Monday and Tuesday for half days I was at a work/industry related conference.  Conference chairs really wreck my back so I was out of commission at the end of those days.  Fun.

Last week's card has been making its rounds through the office and received many complements in regards to the layout and overall design.  Apparently the bit of map with his destination is going over really well.  Still very proud.

The name of the title says it all as this week I've almost exclusively bought American Crafts products and supplies. 

Amy Tangerine Sketchbook 6x6 Paper Pad
Amy Tangerine Sketchbook 6x6 Paper Pad
First is the American Crafts Neapolitan 6x6 pad.   This cute pad features electic, fun patterns and mason jars!  All with a fun spring-coloured flair to the colour scheme and icons in the set.  Though it's not spring here in NZ, I'm really loving these bright sets with a watercolor inspired look.

I didn't want the fun to end so I also purchased coordinating stickers to complement the design.  Hopefully it'll reduce the time I'll spend building items to coordinate with the line, with pre-made embellishments that I can use as centrepieces of designs.

Amy Tangerine Ribbon
Amy Tangerine Ribbon
Amy Tan's new line of patterend paper and accessories have been taking the crafting world by storm.  I've been holding off digiligently by not purchasing any Amy Tangerine line of supplies until they were more prolific and more easily found.  They seem to be snatched up before I can even order any!

I decided to wait no more and bought the Amy Tangerine patterend paper and coordinating ribbon from American Crafts last week.  The ribbon was purchased seperately this week, as it was on sale at my local Warehouse Stationery.

I'm wanting to desperately get into my crafting space and sort those last few boxes out from my move!  Just those couple of boxes hanging around of goods unpacked is starting to weight heavily on my conscience, sending me spiraling into a guilt trip.  Well, maybe not that bad - but it is rather annoying.

On order right now is a few more pieces of the AT and AC Neapolitan ranges to go with the paper lines.  The AC Neapolitan mason jar stamp, AT shapes, and AT sticker book have been ordered yesterday.

And here's a related rant.

No hope for this order actually arriving, since I went against my better judgement and ordered it from a less-than-reputable online retailer that I've had issues with in the past.  This retailer often adds product to their online store without having any actual product in stock.

Once they get enough orders of this product - they then place their order with the wholesaler.  This underhanded technique may drive down their bottom line in terms of overhead, but drives their customers nuts.  We don't know if they actually have any physical product in stock until we email them direct - and then wait 24-48 BUSINESS HOURS for them to respond to their email - as if they're doing us a favor.

With how fast retail is these days - if you can't respond to your customers or give them their products in a timely manner - we'll go elsewhere and may never come back.

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker

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  1. Those are both great collections. I've used them each quite a lot recently!