Curio Shaker Card

Another day - another card.  Not all of my cards I create a blog post for, but some of the ones that I'm most proud.  Some cards go into a box and wait to be given to someone, some just go in the box and they never come out again.  Spooky.

This card is a bit spooky too!  This card was designed/made for a youtube vlogger called Grav3yardGirl who I really enjoy watching her entertaining videos - and she seems like she wants to get into scrapbooking.  I'm hoping to send her this card I made and make her curious enough to push her into finding out more about cardmaking, scrapbooking, and papercrafts in general!

Her favorite colour is Lavender, so I've made sure to work in some Lavender into the overall theme/general design of the card and embellishments. Lavender ribbons, glitter, and beads are all encorporated into this shaker card for that little extra special touch.

Graphic 45 Olde Curiosity Shoppe Shaker Curio Card
This card was made with the Graphic 45's The Olde Curiosity Shoppe stamps and papers.

Some items were made with finds from Typo, an excellent Australian/New Zealand store from Cotton On such as the black heart pin and lettering.  Typo has excellent stationery and papercrafting items and is usually one of my first stops when searching for unique items to encorporate into my cards.

This card is one of my more detailed cards and took quite a bit of work figuring out how to do the shaker piece in a logistical sense to make it look like it was "part" of the items there on display.  I think I achieved that look - but it does look a bit odd being out of scale.  It isn't perfect but I think it's rather nice!

The shaker piece was done by:

Detail on Shaker piece
The bottle piece was stamped using the Graphic 45 matching Olde Curiosity Shoppe stamps onto manila/cream coloured paper. That image layer was surrounded with a single layer of foam tape all around the image itself.  Next, a layer of vellum was stamped using Stazon ink and left to dry.

Martha Stewart Lavender Microbeads were poured into the centre of this "well" of foam tape, and vellum adhered down to keep in the beads. 

Next - the stamp was repeated on where it was to appear on the front image, and cut using a craft knife.  The shaker piece was then adhered to the "window" and aligned and glued down.  Finally, the top layer of the curio cabinet was adhered down to the front of the card using foam tape.

This was incredibly labour intensive, but it really does pop! and meld into the piece of the whole front.


Nichole Parker


  1. That shaker is very, very cool!

  2. Very cool element for your card! This is a fun line - love the purple touches! :)