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Last week I placed an order with to trial their store and see if placing orders with them would suit me.  I surfed over to the website last week after yet another glowing Youtube review from I Scrap Happy.  She always has wonderful layouts and uses the IamRoses products almost exclusively on her layouts and altered projects.

Please surf on over to her youtube and see what gorgeous things she creates with IamRoses

I am Roses Mixed 100 Mini Roses
I am Roses Mixed 100 Mini Roses
I Scrap Happy created a very gorgeous layout for a bridal themed album for IamRoses challenge, and I couldn't hold my curiosity in any longer.  I ordered a very small order (100 mixed roses, 100 small leaves) just to trial to see if they were easy to order from and how long it would take to reach my country from Thailand.

The quality really is better compared to some of the roses that I've tried, even hand made variety.  I've been ordering random packs of white roses and buds off and on from different suppliers and I just wasn't convinced that the handmade variety is better than the manufactured variety.  I really was blown away by how gorgeous the dip-dyed varieties are.  Kaisercraft paper blooms were OK, but they seemed a bit large for the card projects I've been making, and I certainly wouldn't have more than 1 or 2 on a card at a time.

I am Roses 100 Small Leaves
I am Roses 100 Small Leaves
They look more "rosier" - definitely more realisitic than others.  I think that fact is why I finally decided to place a small order - just to see them for myself.  If you had told me these were hand made and for these prices - I really wouldn't believe you.

I'm planning more!  Wanting to get different varieties such as the "Curly" roses and some mixed larger varieties.  Possibly even mixed sizes.  From that, I'll see what rose colors that I'm using and plan a single order of that color/size.

The order was smooth, however there could be improvements made to the lack of log in feature to see my account and past orders.  I'm forgetful and like a place to log in to see my last orders.  It's handy, so I know what I've already ordered because I'm away from home so often at work.  The only hiccup was receiving the package - as my post office has a complicated process of delivering packages that are sent via registered mail.  I may upgrade to EMS shipping next go around.

Let me know if you've tried and what experience you had while ordering!

Thanks for looking!

Nichole Parker

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