Pinterest Picks Last Week of June 2012

This week has flown by and I'm so grateful for the weekend.  It's been a hellacious week at work, so busy every single day that before I knew it I was back at the weekend.  Not that I mind another weekend, but it just seemed that I was scrambling for purchase during the week.

Here's this week's pinterest picks.  I do want to do this weekly since Pinterest has been emailing me my most repinned pins this week, which makes it most handy and convient to pick the top few and share them with you.

Follow the link through to go to my pinterest, then hit the image once again to follow it to its source (blogs and these very talented individuals' posts).  Feel free to repin them if you like - or drop a comment down below or on pinterest.

Here's the most popular pins from the week according to my wonderful followers on Pinterest:

Judy May - Welcome Christmas

Kristina Werner - Happy Birthday
Kristina Werner - Happy Birthday

Printable Journaling Cards
Printable Journaling Cards

Jen Del Muro - Wishing you Everything...

Humblechan - Happy Spring

Julia Stanton - Hope Your Day is Fabulous

Thanks for looking and have a splendid weekend!

Nichole Parker

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