Design Team Dreamin'

Just a bit of news to share...

I've applied to the Artfull Crafts Design Team 2012 callout!  This is my first time applying to a design team and I was a bit unsure, but I've done it anyway.  Boy am I nervous!

It took me about a week to prepare.  Had to fill out the form (essays are hard!) and dot all my i's... cross all my t's.  It took me a bit of effort to identify which cards I wanted to highlight (recent things only! phew) and put them all together.  Applications close on the 3rd of August, so I haven't procrastinated at all.  Possibly because I'm so very excited.

I think I'm up for the challenge!  If I get chosen, I'm for the challenge of connecting with other Design Team members and making projects using new or different products.  I'm really looking forward to taking this on and expanding my cardmaking/crafting horizons.

I'm also nervous.   Being my first time even considering applying to a Design Team I'm nervous to have my work judged.  But I'm also nervous about being recognised for the work I do.  I set my self to very high standards and hope that I'm good enough - even for me.
Feel free to browse to the Artfull Crafts blog, and have a look at their wonderful crafts by very talented members. 
Here's hoping, as I would love to have my first design team experience to be with a great group like Artfull Crafts.

Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Thank you everyone for the positive thoughts, well wishes, and encouragement!

Nichole Parker