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Brother GS2700 Sewing Machine
Brother GS2700 Sewing Machine
A few weeks ago I told my frustrating vent about trying to find the perfect sewing machine for paper crafting.

Every machine that was reviewed by papercrafters in the US was either too expensive or not available to the New Zealand market.  I decided to persevere and keep searching.

I searched the web, browsed auction sites, and read reviews all about sewing machines as they relate to paper crafts.  I even went into stores and looked at a few, talking myself in and out of buying one then and there.

A good friend of mine was online while I was very under the weather with a sinus and chest infection (at once) and told me that Brother New Zealand ( was having a sale on the GS2700.  This sale also coincided with Warehouse Stationery marking their stock of Brother GS2700 home sewing machines down in price as well.

So, I sweet-talked my partner into buying me one and I'm paying him back after the rebate of $150, bringing this $320 machine down to $150 after rebate.  I have the rebate information submitted and the paperwork all ready to mail out as soon as I find a stamp!

So this week I purchased thread and became familiar with threading and stitching paper in the machine.

Here's some observations:

1.  Needle up, foot up, slide paper.  Has to be done in this order or I tear the paper (yeowch!)

2.  Turn off the machine often.  I'm clumsy and don't trust myself with the foot pedal.

3.  Take it slow so you can see where the stitch ends.

4.  Buy more bobbins!

5.  Leave enough string for tying off on the back of the cardstock, and do it gently or the string will snap back into the machine and you'll have to re-thread the machine.

Cards and papercrafts using the Brother GS2700 will posted soon as I finish editing them.

Happy crafting!

Nichole Parker


  1. Lucky girl!!! I can't wait to see what you create!!

  2. Congratulations on your new machine. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to find items in New Zealand.

    I have a sewing machine that I purchased for papercrafting -- a Janome. I've had it over 2 years and still haven't used it once. I have to be brave and utilize YouTube.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Ok, now memorize that instruction list and start creating!!!