It's a Haul Ya'll

Echo Park Everyday Eclectic
Echo Park Everyday Eclectic
So what's going on with me? Work, work, work.  Very workful.  Work has left me drained at the end of each and every day this week so I haven't had much creative juices flowing since about Wednesday when I created the "Every Cloud..." card.

I have, however, been organising and cleaning things up.  Putting things where they belong and OUTSIDE of the craft room if they belong there.

S'Haul Ya'll

Yesterday was a busy and exciting day in the haul department.  Between running from disaster to diaster 9-5, I received the Echo Park Everyday Eclectic I was hoping to get.  Can't wait to get started working with it!

Recollections Desktop Carousel
Recollections Desktop Carousel
I arrived home to a surprise package from my mom.  I've been wanting this since I've started scrapbooking and cardmaking.  I've made do with other "tool organisers" but alas, none of them compare to the Recollections Desktop Carousel.  It spins and organises, and I'm completely in love.

I'm going to have to get used to the Desktop Carousel spinning.  I keep finding myself stretching and craning and then EPIPHANY moment, ah it spins.  Then I take a few moments and enjoy spinning it.

These are exceptionally hard to get in NZ.   I'm very grateful for my mother going and getting this for me, and taking time to ship it as shipping is expensive for these kinds of heavier items.  Thank you mom!

My Desk is still a Mesk
Despite the organising, my desk is still a "mesk."  But it's getting better.  I clean it off in patches, start a new project, get it messy again.

Blog Work

Reorganised my Tools list on the blog.  The old list was messy and was imported from Wordpress - ugly and clunky.  I've now re-organised it, readded photos that weren't appearing and generally made it easier to read.  I've also added my new tools to the list, the We R Memory Keepers Stylus and Art Knife.

Instagram page has also been "reorganised" and is now an actual page - instead of a link to my Instagram profile via Webstagram.  You can view my latest 20 photos at a glance, and can see where I am, what I'm working on, and generally "spy" into my craft room.

I hope my readers enjoy these snippet photographs from Instagram.  They allow me to take more photos in rapid succession with my iPhone and share it.  No uploading to Flickr, no hassles, and lovely vintage edge effects.

Let me know how you enjoy these Instgram photos.

A Bit of Music

What's on my playlist this week?  I've been playing Seventeen Evergreen's Polarity Song.

It even has a crafty video to go along with this awesome blending of happy electronica and folk.

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker


  1. I have that desktop spinner! It's heavy...give an extra big hug to your mom!!! Love that thing :)

  2. I've been contemplating getting one of those carousels! Glad to hear it's so useful!

  3. Oooh I love my spinning carousel. It's one of my "beloveds." LOL! I laughed when I started reading your post because my blog post today also starts with "work, work, work." LOL! Enjoy your haul!

  4. What a wonderful mother you have!!!

  5. That's such a neat tool organizer. so lovely of your mom to send it over.