Studio Calico and We R Memory Keepers Haul

Mister Huey's Warm Calico
Mister Huey's Warm Calico
Just a tiny haul!  Well, tiny in size of items purchased, however Studio Calico items are quite expensive comparatively speaking here in NZ.  Heck, all the brand-name scrapbooking supplies are!

More Mister Huey's

I really wanted more Studio Calico Mister Huey's - and I got them!  I already had a few like White, Gable Green, Cameo, Overdue, but wanted some more basic colours in the way of spring/summer.  I purchased Taxi (yellow), Boss Lady (soft pink), Pretty in Pink (Fuschia) and Warm Calico (warm grey/brown).

I love using these in conjunction with Amy Tangerine's Sketchbook line - so I'll have some more cards soon using both Sketchbook and Huey's!

WRMK Stylus Tool

Better Tools

Ergonomic tools from We R Memory Keepers were too good to pass up.  I even found them locally and didn't have to import them.  I was very exicted to find Sew Pretty, a brick-and-mortar and online store in Christchurch had these great looking ergonomic tools.  They have an excellent site - very professional - and are picking up noteriety.

I saw these tools released a CHA or two ago, but never thought they would be adequate replacements for my tools.  After using my craft knife almost exclusively for a custom cube-craft project my hand was left hurting, and cramping.  I just couldn't use my straight handled craft knife with any precision, and prolonged use was wrecking my hand.

During a Kristina Werner video last week, I saw her use a different stylus tool than her normal wooden handled one.  After some googling, I found she was using the We R Memory Keepers Stylus tool.

I love Kristina's videos and find that when she uses a product - it's usually a really good one.   Most of my tools are ones that she has either endorsed or uses herself.  She didn't say anything about the tool, but she looked comfortable using it on her Martha Stewart Score Board.
WRMK Art Knife

So, wanting to give these a go, I ordered the Stlyus and Art Knife tools.

The handles are interchangeable - and the best part SOFT.  Soft grip handles with curves that I swear - hug - your fingers and even that crevice between your thumb and forefinger.  Any of the tools are compatable with any of the handles.

I tested out the stylus tool on scrap paper that was laying around on my desk.  I was throughly impressed - especially how it rested well no matter which way you turned the tool, or how you positioned your fingers. 

I have quite large hands - so I can't review these for small fingers.  But for larger hands that cramp after holding onto small tools - these are quite excellent.  I type all day long, and pretty sure I have a form of RSI or OOS, so I try to minise hand cramping whenever possible and this tool minimises that impact.

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker


  1. Oh, I need that paper piercer! I have the old, metal Making Memories one and my fingers and hand cramp after poking a few holes. That one looks more comfortable!

    1. It's very soft and rubbery. I'm surprised no one's made one before or these weren't advertised very well!

      It feels like the Kushgrip material.

  2. Have fun with your new goodies! :)