Christmas is Coming!

Before I get into it, where have I not been?  Work, home, and everything else just >blew up< in the month of November starting right after my 1 week vacation on my birthday.

It was a good birthday! There was a huge birthday haul that I've most certainly forgot to blog about just becuase of the sheer amount of haul. And then when I returned to work, there was conferences, training courses, busy work, and not to mention my partner and cat have gotten sick - all leaving me drained at the end of the day and unable to get into my crafting room. 

It seems that especially in New Zealand that the month of November is the month to fit everything in.  Project deadlines, Christmas parties, social events, training courses, job applications, conferences, and whatever else you can throw in - are all taking advantage of the good weather.

But here I am!  None the worse for wear and ready to go!

So what have I done?  Well let me show you!

Design Team

Design team has been keeping me busy in the crafting arena!  Please follow the links below to the original blogpost on the Artfull Crafts blog!

Mint Twist Popup Card

This & That Advent Calendar

Merry & Bright Card

As you can see I've been busy with Christmas! 

As a Christmas Present from our lovely Design Team sponsor Liz Gregory, I received the Crate Paper Sleigh Ride as a gift!  Here's a couple of personal Christmas cards (not Design Team related!)

These photos were taken with Instagram - with better photos soon to follow with all my cards that I've been doing.

As you can see - I'm needing a way to keep my blog more up to date without the use of a full PC - I've installed some blogging applications but nothing seeems to let me offlink and upload at the same time.

If you have any reccommendations for keeping your blog up to date while on the go - let me know!  I'm an Android user looking for a few good apps!

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker

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