Updated Washi Storage - Washi Tree!

A few months ago I had purchased a "tree" for storing Washi tape.  I purchased it from Trademe from a wonderful seller named Zachy.

This wooden washi tape holder came unpainted, with holes pre-cut, and pegs to slot into the holes, pegs included.

My major mistake was painting it with standard acrylic paint that you would use on scrap projects!  I really should have spray painted this, but I guess I gave it that shabby look. 

It was already shabby as the paint I used was not quality thick paint, so the woodgrain showed quite a bit.

Really, very shabby.  I even shabbified it more with scuffing the edges with sandpaper to reveal the wood beneath.

The pegs were then painted with *proper* acrylic housepaint and slotted into the holes.  The holes did need re-drilling as I was sloppy with the acrylic paint for the base.

I think I'm ready for my second Washi tape holder, as this one that holds nearly 80 tapes is very nearly full - and I haven't bought any since I painted it!

I've just contacted the seller via email to see if she's still selling these as I want holder #2 for ribbons and other bits and spooled bobs.

More pics soon as these are quick ones from Instagram.

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker

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