Derwent Inktense Pencils Review

Hi Again! Wanted to give everyone a rundown of these pencils as I see them being used on colorings more and more in the place of Watercolor pencils.

These pencils by Derwent feature rich ink in solid form in the pencil body.  You color with them much like regular color pencils, and you can wet them much like Watercolor pencils - but they feature rich colors like an India ink.

This can best be compared to an India ink in a solid form that you can watercolor with.  They're semi-permanent once dried so you can layer them with other colors and rewet them without your first layer smudging.

I've been using watercolor pencils for colorations of stamps for quite a while - before I had even dared purchasing some Copic markers.  While using Watercolors is economical, they don't offer the same rich colors as Copics can.

These pencils however are quite intense and deliver vibrant colors even after wetting.

They come in 72 colours, however since you can mix, layer, and blend - it isn't necessary getting all 72 colours.  I would have originally purchased for myself a 36 set - but since this was a Christmas gift, I was pleasantly surprised with a set of 72!

Here's a listing of the colors, and what they look like pre and post wetting:

I've been working on some colorations but don't have anything posted yet - I'll post them when completed.

If you have any questions - let me know, I've been using them since Christmas on some stamped images and are pretty happy with their performance thus far.

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker

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  1. Ive been wanting to get these for a little bit, where did you get yours from?