Digi Stamps Haul

New Zealand isn't an easy place to live.  There's huge markup on all the items that come from overseas, especially the items that are deemed "luxury" or just non essentials to every day living (though you could argue that I desperately need stamps!)

Last year I looked into doing digi stamps and it seemed economical.  You purchase an image, you download it, and then print it using your printer.  Since I've had a waterproof prints capable printer it seemed like a good idea - but I still wanted to have a physical stamp.

After purchasing some stamp sets online at the cost of $15usd each - the cost of continuing to purchase physical stamps seemed astronomical unless I was to find a way to get them at a hefty discount.

Last night I finally ventured into purchasing digi-stamps and don't know why I hesitated!  With my background in Photoshop and Illustrator this gives me so much MORE control than having a stamp!  Sure - you can't stamp directly onto a card front without some printer maneuvering and embossing is out of the question - but for someone who doesn't do a whole lot of embossing it really is flexible.

I can now upscale and size images as large as I want without hesitation!  I could make a digi-stamp the whole of the cardfront - and then run it through the cameo - the stamp could be the card!

I've been purchasing The Greeting Farm digi-stamps - granted they're a bit pricier but I can now resize those stamps any way I choose (they're high quality TIF files).

I think next I'll be purchasing from Hero Arts (if they have digital stamps on offer) and The Odd Girl (and I know they do!)

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker

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