Copic Colouring Video - Nuts About Kaylee

Hi Everyone! I'm back with a new video despite the earthquakes that are happening here in New Zealand!

It's been a rocking and rolling month with a large quake and a flurry of smaller quakes every few minutes/hours each and every day.  No damage at my house but we had a busy week of work ahead of us to accommodate displaced staff. Looking for a bit of normalcy in the chaos that's been going on and what better way to find it than to scrap?

The state of emergency really keeps you prepared for anything and on your toes! Hope everyone has a disaster preparedness kit - I know that I added quite a fair bit of new things to my kit in the way of sanitation and stocking up on water.

On the card making side of life, I bought some new copics in the E50's range and decided to film another copic colouring video!  Hopefully this new filming background works out better than the last one!  The red on the background previously really washed everything out despite how pretty red is!

Special thanks to @SomeOddGirl for retweeting and supporting my video both on Twitter and Instagram!  I'm very very grateful :)

Here's the latest card:

And the accompanying video!

And a few more shots of the card here.

That's all from me today - I'm working on another copic colouring video and will have that out as soon as it's ready!

Have a suggestion for my videos? If anyone is interested in longer videos or videos that include building the card - let me know in the comments.  Looking for a non sped-up version of me colouring? Let me know too! I'm looking for new things to incorporate into my videos to make it more engaging!  I'm not very fond of my voice but I could try talking.

Thanks for looking!

Nichole Parker


  1. Incredible coloring. I wish I had the talent and patience to create these.

    1. Thanks! Practice makes perfect though! I zone out when coloring and blending.

      I used to use other markers before Copics and just practiced for ages :)

  2. Adorable card! I too love the colouring!

    1. Thank you!

      Be sure to subscribe to see videos as they come out, I'll be coming out with another coloring video very soon! :)

  3. Thank you for the video. It was awesome. Wish I could afford Copic Markers, I'll keep using my colored pencils.

    1. There are other markers out there that have better price points than Copic Markers.

      Always stamp with a waterproof ink - either something like Stazon or Memento.

      Prismacolor - solvent based, will blend just as nice.

      Spectrum Noir - alcohol based - haven't used these yet but they are very similar if not dupes, people have mixed them with copics beautifully from videos I've seen.

      Watercolor - I do use watercolor as well, and you can blend and mix too. Stamp with waterproof ink on watercolor paper.

      Watercolor pencils - best of both worlds, color pencil and watercolor. Beautiful blending with water. Stamp with waterproof ink on watercolor paper.

      Color pencils - you can do awesome coloring with colored pencils (and they're way cheaper) and even blend them with Gamsol? I haven't used this as I can't find gamsol. I'd even stamp with waterproof ink on watercolor paper, to withstand the blending.

      Hope this helps!

  4. Wonderful coloring and I loved the bottom title work!