Copic Multiliner SP Review

Hi guys and gals! I have another product review for you today.

Today I take a look at the Copic Multiliner SP pen set that I purchased while overaseas at Dick Blick Art Supplies.

The Copic Multiliner SP pens come in different pen sets and configurations, available in colour inks, and available as single markers.  Copic Multiliners are from the same brand of well known markers for papercrafting, design, and manga artists.
Why  Copic Multiliner SP pens?A few of the regular personalities that I follow on the Youtube crafting world use the Copic Multiliners for their journaling, customising stamped images, and edging their fussy cut stamps.

They've always gave Copic Multiliners a raving review on durability and their excellence at waterproof inking.  They can be used for technical drawing, watercolours, or lining the outside of stamped edges.

These the ultimate "green" multiliner solution while offering customisability.  The barrels are made of aluminium and are light weight.

The biggest plus for these pens besides having the well known Copic brand behind them, is that they are completely replaceable in parts.  You can replace the nib, you can customise the nib, and if you change your minds replace the nib again.

The liners are refillable - so if you run out of ink halfway through a project you can fill the barrel with more ink and keep going.

My thoughts
I may never have to buy another multiliner set again!  I was previously using the Neopiko liner set, but if I lost a pen I would need to have one shipped to me from another city as these are not sold here.

I would periodically pick up replacement liner pens when I visited the other city (8 hrs away) and try to stock up, but not having a stockist locally was having me ration my multi-liner use.  Ration!

These pens are extremely well made, light weight, and durable.

Should you buy?
If I were looking for the "ultimate" ecological pen set that can be refilled - yes.  The Copic Multiliner SP pen set's price point may have some people hesitant to buy these pens.  At $80 USD these pens are a bit on the pricey side.

However, their features such as replaceable nibs, refillable barrels, and light weight body may have enough pluses to offset the price.

For more information, please visit the Copic Marker website, where they give an in depth overview of the Copic Multiliner SP.

This has now become my favourite multiliner pen set for drawings. 

What's your favourite pen set?

Thanks for reading!

Nichole Parker


  1. I'm going to pass a link of this onto a friend. She is really into Copics and I'm sure your review would be helpful to her.

  2. I purchased four different tip sizes of the black Multiliner pens for my crafting. I have used them on a number of occasions to fill out a stamped image that I didn't get quite right. I've also used them to add additional features to my stamped images. I can get into the tightest spaces imaginable and draw the thinnest lines anyone could want. While these are available in sets, they can also be bought individually. Some I purchased from Dick Blick's website, and some I got from Both have excellent prices. FYI: I'm a certified Copic designer, but I get no money for promoting Copic products. I just happen to love them.

    1. Haven't shopped but I'll give them a go!

      The only thing I'm missing from this set is a 2.0 - but I don't think they make that size in these pens.

      Indeed they are perfect for editing stamped images or filling them out if they didn't fully stamp!

      Some day I'd like to be Copic certified too - I think the nearest classes are in Australia though :) Copic is breaking more and more into the NZ market - so it could just be a matter of time before they offer classes here.

      Thanks for the information and commenting! :)