Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter Crayons Review

Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter Crayons
Hi guys! I'm back with another product review hot off the trails of the Studio 3 Solutions Color Cubbie review.  I'm here to tell you all about the Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter Crayons (that's a mouthful!)

Did you know that I'm obsessed with color?  I've always been obsessed with colors, even from a very early age.  I loved Lisa Frank products, I had to have the large sets of crayons and markers, and I loved rainbow stickers.

No wonder that I love collecting markers, crayons, gelatos in sets to get the full rainbow? Good thing this time they were on sale!

Why Paper Crafting crayons? Can't I just use regular crayons?
Full page using Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter CrayonsYou could always use regular crayons, nothing stopping you from doing that.  I have a set of Crayola twist crayons and they've always worked for me, but I wanted to see the difference myself.  I wanted to know if it would work for going on the road and coloring stamped images.

I already had the Faber Castell gelatos and they are quite a good product for both cardmaking and art journaling.  In art journaling especially I found them useful for adding spots of faded colour.

When I learned they had paper crafting crayons I was intrigued, as we all enjoyed crayons as a child but had no idea what a "paper crafter" would specifically need from a crayon.  I wanted something easily ported and could be used for journaling on the go.

I found these at my local Warehouse Stationery at 20% off and picked up all 3 sets at once because of the sale.

Zoomed in page using Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter Crayons

My thoughts
For the price you get a lot of crayons in a pack. Being able to pick up all the colours in a single shop without breaking the bank was good.

Testing the crayons on the Dyan Reavely Dylusions Creative Journal, I found them to be highly pigmented and skipped less than traditional crayons.  They're thickly, richly pigmented and colour smoothly when taking it slow - colours blended beautifully.

You get colours that are very similar so blending and transition colours are plentiful if you're going for a smooth look.

Should you buy?
I recommend picking up the neutrals pack for the white crayon as a blender, even though all the colours blend beautifully, you always need a white crayon to blend.

I created a Zen tangle page after seeing a Dyan Reavely tutorial for Ranger Industries on Youtube, and was blown away how smoothly and beautifully they performed.

Overall these crayons performed spectacularly, and if you're looking to do a wax resist or can't justify money on a Copic Marker collection (who can!?) I highly recommend the Faber Castell Design Memory Craft Paper Crafter Crayons.

Anyone else obsessed with rainbows?  Let me know!

Nichole Parker


  1. *I* can justify a Copic collection! (all 358 in fact) but I do love me some crayons. Thanks for the review!

    1. I justified them too! ;)

      But these are are OK too for on the go coloring in my art journal. I even have noncrafters raving about them and how smooth they are.

      I wish Faber Castell would take it a tiny step further and have a step between the papercrafting crayons and the gelatos, uber smooth pigmented crayons.

      Thanks for commenting Aeryn! *sneaks off to look at your blog!*

  2. Thanks for the review, I have never tried them before. :)