Studio 3 Solutions Color Cubbie Copic Marker Storage Review

During my overseas trip I managed to snag 3 of the Studio 3 Solutions Color Cubbie Copic Marker Storage units.

I was unable to fit it into my bags (boo) due to weight and size and instead opted to have my generous family ship them to me instead.

Last week they finally arrived with a whisper quiet delivery and a loud THUD as it fell from being propped against my door and onto my feet.  It was like Christmas! 

Why I got the Color Cubbies
I've been using my Copic Marker container to store my markers and picked up an empty container for the overflow.  I purchase single Classic Copic markers and am slowly expanding my collection marker by marker. I have duct taped two of the classic marker containers together to store them.

Even though my marker storage was well organised and it kept them separated instead of just in one clump, they were hard to reach. Markers that were farther in the back just weren't used as much. I tried turning it on its side - and that wasn't going to work.

Using the provided Copic Marker box takes up quite a bit of space and in my search for storage units I found Studio 3 Solutions.

When I originally went to place an order, Studio 3 Solutions had been on hiatus.  As soon as I knew I was visiting the US I placed an order and had it shipped to my family.

My Thoughts
I couldn't be happier! This storage unit is ideal for holding a large collection of both markers and pens in a small footprint on your desk.  Vertical storage is definitely the way to go if you have a stable work surface.

I first thought two would be enough for my markers - and if I had just my markers in it they would be.  However I do have quite a large pen collection as well (Copic Atyou Spica, glitter, and Sakura Gelly Roll pens) and having all of your coloring and writing implements in a single place is nice.

No more hunting for single pen holders, or some pens being in one place and another kind anywhere else.

Should you buy?
For anyone wanting to know if it's willing to import this and you live in NZ, you could probably have something made up locally, as this item is a little heavy to ship economically.

For my readers in the US - go for it!  This marker cubbie can't be beat when it comes to an organised place to put all your copics, pens, pencils, and other items too.

The choice was clear as I didn't know anyone locally who could make this, and it was worth the cost and time to import the Studio 3 Solutions Color Cubbies!

Nichole Parker

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