Craft Room

Craft Room Tour

Part of any space is having the space that works for you. Crafting itself sometimes means storing a lot of physical media and organising it.  Part of organising is finding something that works for YOU.

You have to have:
  • An organisation system that works for you.  If you like bins and flipping through things - use it. Get an organisation system that you're passionate about and will update.
  • Easily accepts new entries and deals with the old.
  • Groups like items (whether you prefer color, theme, manufacturer, etc)
  • Has items clearly labelled.
This is a space that I use, and have found that labels help keep things nice and tidy.

Some things I've tried that have not worked for me:
  • Keeping things in original packaging, too much flipping through to look for stamps for example.
  • Having storage bins close - they closed in on me and I couldn't turn around without knocking things over.
  • Scrappypedia is nice, but once I switched to Android there was no app available - therefore I didn't keep it up to date.

The Room Itself

These photos came after a large clean up at the beginning in February 2013.  My friend Sally (a librarian) helped me over a week that she was visiting us in February.  She voluntarily started cataloguing, labelling, and organising items into groups (thank you Sally!)

This is the entire room as seen from crafting area - not pictured is off to the right is my PC area.  My PC is my "home office" area and doesn't contain much crafting (other than my typewriter).  My laptop stays on the laptop trolley near my desk.

This is my desk - which is constantly a mess.  I clean it up - only to mess it up a few moments later doing something else.  A clean desk is an idle desk!  A messy desk is vibrant, full of life, and can inspire another project while you're already working on one.

The desk itself is an old architectural drafting desk that I scooped up from an auction site - it can be used either seated in a drafting chair or standing.

On either side are ladder shelves that house embellishments, some tools, plain card stock, markers, and washi tape.  Directly beside my chair is my tool trolley.

My trolley contains inks, glitter, foam adhesive, and colouring items.  I have a smaller tool carousel on my desk - but for ink, adhesives, Twinkling H2O's and other things you need on hand, this is where they live.

My stamp collection is growing significantly.  My favorite way to store stamps is in blank CD cases. Currently all my stamps are labeled by the Manufacturer and Name of Collection.  The vellum sheet it came with is stored in a binder and named exactly the same.  I have plans on organising them alphabetically by manufacturer.  This would be a weekend project for me!

This is where my scanners and printers live! Yes multiple, I tend to hold onto things.  All of my twine and buttons are stored in small glass jars.  My Silhouette cameo lives on this shelf, and when in use it's on the edge of my desk to allow the paper to move back and forth freely.

This area is my Cardstock/Washi/and Patterned Paper Collection area.  These ladder shelves were from Warehouse Stationery, and white cubes were from The Warehouse.  The cubes are zip-tied together for extra support for heavy stacks of paper.

Lastly, I have my Washi Tape Collection.  I started collecting Washi tape to decorate envelopes even before I started crafting.  I guess this collection really was the start of my collecting crafty tapes.  This "Washi Tree" is a central post with arms to hold the tapes - kind of like a mug tree for the kitchen.  I purchased this from Trademe and painted it using Acrylic White and Teal paint.

Having an entire room of your house for your crafting addiction isn't necessary - but if you have even just a little bit of space you can make it your own haven of creativity.  What really pains me isn't having all this space devoted to crafting - but feeling guilty when I'm not using it!