Evernote Crafting Inventory

Tired of carrying around a crafting inventory notebook with you and want something that can go digital?

Ever find yourself doing a project and wanting to get someone's opinion on a stamp, image, embellishment, but the manufacturer's site no longer carries it?

It might be time to move your inventory system to Evernote.

Evernote to the Rescue

I began a year ago cataloging my scraproom inventory using Evernote.  Evernote is a note taking application that is available on every platform and operating system - even the web so you can load it at work or on a machine that you can't install Evernote from. Web, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac are all covered with Evernote.

Some tips for Evernote:

Go Premium.  This will allow you to download the full contents of your notebook.   Premium members can download their notebooks and keep them offline - which is important if you have a plan that has limited data. Premium is only about $45 a year.

Use Stacks.  Everthing I have in is organised in stacks.  The stack for the Scraproom allows it to sink to the bottom - zScraproom Inventory.  By putting a Z in front of the stack it allows it to sink to the bottom of the alphabetised list and stay out of the way of the work items that I use Evernote for.

Notebooks for each type of item.  Separate your notebooks for each time of item - add the item into your category right away.

Catalog a long list of items in a single note.  All of your Copic markers - list them out in the note itself - and do it so you don't double buy.  Listing each item allows you to catalog exactly what you have and avoid double buying.

Tag your Items and Stamps.   Got a stamp that says "Thank You" ? Tag it with Thanks for Thank you and be able to search for that perfect sentiment right away.  Evernote has many features including being able to search images.  Even if you can't tag an item or remember to tag it - Evernote will search for you.

Share with Others.  Working on a project for someone and wanting to show them a stamp? Maybe wanting to show off your inventory and loan something out?  You can share Evernote notes with others - even if they don't have Evernote.  You can see their stamps and view images from a webpage by sharing it out.

Any questions about inventorying your items? Contact me. 


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